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A collection of APIs that are specific to database data manipulation or generic data manipulation.


Interface Summary
OracleClobInterface An Interface for accessing and manipulating Oracle CLOB data elements.
OracleStoredProcedureInterface Interface for implementing a Oracle Stored Procedure class which encapsulates connections, procedure, parameters and results.
SQLSet An object that defines an encapsulated connection, statement and records.

Class Summary
ArrayResultSet An arbitrary class for simulating a simple String resultset as a two dimensional array which can be transcribed into a series suitable for most charting applets and other similar usages.
ByteArrayDataSource A simple byte data source object for stream operations.
CRC A class that makes it easier to create CRC codes.
OracleClob Extends the Oracle CLOB interface to allow for operations that are currently unsupported in the Oracle driver.
OracleStoredProcedure A generic stored procedure execution class which encapsulates the procedure with the connection, variables, and results.
SQLDataSet The implementation of the SQLSet, a java.sql.ResultSet which is wrapped in a self contained object with connection information, sql basis, sql parameters, and meta information related to a ResultSet.

Exception Summary
SQLSetException Specialized exceptions for the SQLSet classes to differentiate specific errors that are SQL related but not part of the standard java sql package.

Package Description

A collection of APIs that are specific to database data manipulation or generic data manipulation.

The package provides APIs for performing typical data manipulation and data coercion. Oracle specific elements are included which help ease the burden of working in complex Oracle data environments where ease of use and consistency of implementation is desired. Several classes, such as OracleClob or SQLDataSet greatly simplify the task of fetching data from the database and coercing it for use in web pages or other dynamic output.

Other classes provide convenient interfaces for transposing data sets useful for use with graphing applets for example. Similarly ByteArray and ArrayResultSet offer extended interfaces for specific situations where it is necessary to quickly produce generic data structures with underpinnings of root classes such as Vector and ResultSet respectively.

Refer to the individual classes for usage instructions.

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