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Package com.microdeveloper.db

A collection of generic database connection classes for secure, parameter driven connections.


Class Summary
Connector Connector for connecting to database source using a database names property file.

Package com.microdeveloper.db Description

A collection of generic database connection classes for secure, parameter driven connections.

The class is built for two types of databases in particular, Oracle and MySQL.  The basic functionality is the same for either database type.  Other database types may work as well but have not been tested.  Essentially, the connection parameters must include a URL, a username, and a password.  The connections are built using these parameters in that order. Assuming the vendor's database driver responds to that construct, it should work.

This classes uses dedicated connections, in Oracle parlance.  If you desire connections formed from a Connection pool, you should use the ConnectionPool class instead.  In both cases, the connections must be explicitly closed when operations are completed.

To use these classes, you must have a file available.  The default location the class looks in is META-INF within it's class path.  This can be placed in a JAR or stored in the file system.  Under Tomcat, for example, the physical path would be %CATALINA_HOME%/%CONTEXT_HOME%/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF.  The construct of the file must contain, at a minimum, the following:




and may optionally contain:

#JNDI database name

#default test user

#Scott's (encrypted) password

There are always one group of entries per database connection.  They can appear in any order in the file but it is usually best to keep them grouped together for readability.

Refer to the individual classes for connection usage instructions.

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