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Industrial Stength Database Development

MicroDeveloper is a premier database engineering and consulting firm that specializes in managing and building enterprise class database solutions and products.  MicroDeveloper has been servicing Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area since 1987 solving technical business problems that stand the test of time by using industrial strength designs and proven techniques.

For complex, large capacity, and high data volume management, MicroDeveloper has the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to solve the most complex problems.

Providing Custom Solutions For Over 21 Years

What started as custom built applications for small businesses in 1987 has grown to enterprise class solutions.  When MicroDeveloper was originally founded, it was done on the basis that many customers have specific application needs but do not have the time or capability to engineer the solutions for those needs.

In 1984, while selling computers, the first PC and Mac in fact, many customers asked for solutions that the current range of software could not provide.  Using Assembly, Basic, Pascal, and other languages, MicroDeveloper built small custom applications for select customers as a courtesy.  After many years in the computer sales business, MicroDeveloper was formed in order to provide this service as simple side work.  By 1997, the work had grown to a full-time effort focused primarily on large scale development for high-volume enterprise class applications backed by Oracle databases.  Using knowledge collected from working in or with many of the top 10 computer industry giants, MicroDeveloper incorporated and began focusing on providing optimal solutions for enterprise class needs.

Web*SQL Load Manager 1.0 Released MicroDeveloper is pleased to announce the release of version 1.0.0 of the Web*SQL Load Manager.  The Web*SQL Load Manager is provided to customers who participated in the test program only. A public version will be made available later this year.
(June. 2008)

Java Database Library Now Commercial OnlyThe Java Database Library will only be made available for commercial purposes. Trial versions are available by request but can no longer be downloaded. Interested parties should contact sales@microdeveloper.com.
(June, 2008)

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