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About these Products

This page contains links for downloading our trial java database library, using our PL/SQL converter, and provides links to other relevant utilities and files. Some links lead to files while others may be to online applications. Some of the files may or may not contain copyright restrictions.  We specify the copyright holders, if possible, when known.

The 3rd party downloads are offered for convienience and may not represent the latest version of the software.  If the versions matter to you, contact the author or copyright holder for the latest release.

MicroDeveloper Java Database Library The Java Database Library is a series of Java classes used for rapid Java database development.  It has been extended over the years and steadily enhanced with additional classes and capabilities.  While termed as a 'database' library, it also has many utilitarian capabilities outside of the primary database focus.  There are two versions available: a commercial version and a free version.

HTML to PL/SQL Converter The HTML to PL/SQL converer allows you to convert HTML to PSP code for use with the Web Toolkit built into all modern Oracle Databases.  The toolkit can be invoked by using the mod_plsql module for Apache® or by using PRISM® with any JavaServer such as Tomcat®.

3rd Party Downloads This is a culmination of pointers to the sources of files that MicroDeveloper regularly uses or directs our customers to use.  These files are not hosted on our site.

JNDI Support Libraries These libraries are used to support JNDI on Tomcat 5.x.  There is an accompanying whitepaper which describes this setup, various issues, and how to get it all working.  These files are (possibly) needed to get the JNDI setup to work and are referenced in the aforementioned whitepaper.  MicroDeveloper provides them here for convenience.

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