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Oracle Standards

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Oracle   Database Application Design and Coding Standards

This document suggests design and coding standards that have evolved over the years from contributions of many Oracle software developers and database designers.  While there are many documents regarding proper code formatting and practices, there are very few that encompass the entire range of standards from design through implementation practices.

At MicroDeveloper, we use this document as a starting point for custom tailored standards for our clients and, in addition, we use this ourselves. Some elements may not be fully described, such as configuration management, because it is too particular to a given organization or too broad of a subject.  However, in these cases we usually provide some form of best practices such as development hand-off for test and production, to extend the example.

In general, this document should address most concerns and issues facing any database development team as they set out to form standards for their organization or project and serve as a good reference and foundation.

The document is currently offered in Adobe PDF format only:

You may use these document's to suit your needs but you may not redistribute it for charge or otherwise offer it as your own without written permission from MicroDeveloper, Incorporated. By using these documents you agree that MicroDeveloper assumes no liability of any sort based on your usage of these documents or any errors or omissions contained within. The standards and suggestions in this document are not endorsed by Oracle or any other party.

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