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Consulting Services and Options

When you need help getting a project completed, MicroDeveloper can help you plan for and execute a concise plan using proven methods.  Many times clients need a fresh outside opinion with fresh ideas to find new ways to innovate and improve their processes.  Our background is one of constant measurement and improvement with a strong ability to 'think outside of the box.'

We can perform audits on your security, develop suggestions for implementing improved interfaces for your applications, find ways to save you time and money through design improvements and more.  We have extensive experience with various development tools and licensing models and can therefore assist in reducing your costs by introducing options you may not be aware of.  Even in the area of simple upgrades to existing products, we may be able to offer alternatives to pre-concieved notions about what needs to be done or how it needs to be done that can save you time, money or both.

Examples of Typical Consulting Scenarios

Many people call what they do consulting when in fact they are actually doing a specific task such as development or administration.  We can actually direct you, your staff or make recommendations for various elements within your organization without being involved in day to day operational work.  We have run projects for billion dollar companies and government agencies and have developed a knack for keeping our eye on the ball so to speak and getting to the goal quickly, cleanly, and with the minimum expense.

Database Conversions You've outgrown MySQL and want to start migrating to Oracle.  You don't have to convert everything all at once. Perhaps you just need a simple migration plan with automation to handle the cross platform synchronization for a period of time.  We've implemented cross platform automation that solves these types of problems.  We can help guide you through these waters in a quick and easy manner.

Database Upgrades You want to move from Oracle 8 to Oracle 10g but you have 50 different databases scattered around the country and dozens of COTS and custom applications to consider.  What will happen if you move just some of the elements and not others? What will be affected?  How will you know if you've covered all the bases?  We've developed solutions to all of these problems and can recommend simple ways to handle these issues.

Database Security Corporate data theft is one of the most overlooked and serious issues facing businesses today.  With 20 commercial applications and dozens of links between your various databases it is often hard to tell where your security holes are.  Not for us.  We can typically penetrate the security of most typically configured databases in less than 24 hours gaining full control.  Our audit practices will help you identify the holes that make that type of access possible and we can recommend ways to put a stop to that type of security problem without breaking your applications in the process.

Application Planning You are building a new application and your developers are excellent enterprise class Java developers.  The only problem is they aren't Oracle database experts.  Sure you can use typical JDBC implements but is that really the right thing to do?  We can offer some insight and suggestions and help direct you in order to build robust, secure, and bullet-proof application designs.

Project Planning Peoplesoft HR just arrived at your office.  Everyone is gung-ho to implement it and integrate it with your existing systems and applications.  Where to begin?  We can help having done these types of implementations ourselves, we can help you gather and identify all of the critical pressure points and build a solid action plan to address them.

License and Software Selection You are spending a million dollars a year on your licensing but is that really necessary?  We've been in the game long enough to now the angles and the products.  We can show you ways to shave 20-50% off of your license fees and tool expenses.  If you have more than 5 application servers or databases and a development staff of 6 or more people, we can help cut your costs significantly.  In many cases, there is no charge if we can't find a way to save you 20% or more.

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