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Services Available From MicroDeveloper

MicroDeveloper provides numerous services aimed at solving complex issues in your organization or agency.  This is accomplished by using proven methods for collecting business process information, assisting the customer with finding elusive solutions, planning business re-engineering, devising applications or modifications, and in some cases, locating and obtaining COTS software.

Service Listings

The following is a short list of services offered by MicroDeveloper.  They can be broadly categorized into four major functional areas;  consulting, facilitation, system administration, and software development.

MicroDeveloper uses proven methodologies for collecting technical and business process information for all of the functional areas.  However, client-derived analysis processes, or other less often used analysis processes, can also be accomodated depending on the client needs or situation.  Not all situations may require business analysis, such as the previous Y2K conversion efforts or custom integrations with Peoplesoft HR or other products.  Regardless of the situation, MicroDeveloper can accomodate the need.

Consulting MicroDeveloper offers full service IT consulting.  These services include options for evaluating existing software and design, making recommendations for various types of implementations, managing projects, assisting your existing staff with designs and solutions, performing security reviews of your applications and databases, blueprinting your environment, coordinating service implementations, and more.

Facilitation Gathering good, concise requirements that can be used for software engineering tasks is often an elusive task.  Using proven methodologies and extensive experience, MicroDeveloper can help you gather complete and fullfilling requirements from your user base that will give them a sense of ownership through their contributions - an essential element for the success of any requirements gathering process.   These proven methods also prevent the back step of missed critical items most often discovered after development commences.

System Administration Do you need to manage your database but can't justify the cost of a full-time DBA?  Perhaps your existing staff doesn't have the skill set to properly configure RMAN or manage an effective backup strategy for your databases.  Perhaps your staff is so overbooked that there is no room for pro-active analysis and performance tuning of your existing databases.  MicroDeveloper can offer assistance or completely take over the administrative tasks for you with 24-hour automated service monitoring and more.

Software Development Need a solution to a problem that seems to keep escaping your grasp?  Tried various options and solutions but seem to be stuck with constant modifications?  Let us design and build a commercial-quality, custom application for you that will last and require little or no ongoing maintenance.  Almost all of our designs are fully configurable by the end-user and use forward looking designs that are flexible and extensible without requiring additional engineering requirements.  Most designs include plug-in capabilities so the applications can be easily extended without complex re-engineering.

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